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Sandy Hook T-Shirts- Connecticut


You may own you very own Connecticut made Sandy Hook T-Shirts. These T-Shirts are of excellent quality and help support the fight AGAINST Gun Control! 

We firmly believe in the Second Amendment without any compromise. It scares us when a ARMED Government wants my guns. Since when does a Boss submit to it's employees? It's FOR the PEOPLE - BY the PEOPLE. This T-Shirt is a local favorite and by high demand it's now available to anyone. The notion of the shirt is very clear and respective in view of a very serious topic.

 When someone bombs a building and kill people the person is held accountable. Also when a drunk driver causes an accident they blame the driver. When someone stabs or beats someone they blame the person, again. However, when someone shoots someone they blame the GUN! Giving the fact that guns are a RIGHT- and they want to take them away is pure EVIL NAZISM...!

This T-shirt available is 2 colors and 3 different sizes- makes a point stating: GUN OWNERS - The REAL Victims of Sandy Hook.  Wear these T-Shirt proudly and loudly!

Wear them at home, at work , in the public and at Nazi Gun Grabbing gatherings.

There is Discounts for Bulk Orders.

5 for $88 (FREE SHIPPING) SAVE $37

Orders of 10 or more are $15 each. Buy 10 for $150 and SAVE $100 (FREE SHIPPING)

We make ONLY $2.02 and 0.00 for shipping on these shirts. We use all proceeds that adds up in bulk orders to support the NRA- GOA and helps us pay for good fight against 'GUN Control'.

Thank You for Your Order!

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