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Stupid Quake III Arena Mines "prox mines"?

Posted by MK on December 1, 2010 at 11:48 PM Comments comments (2)

I have Big Issues with whatever they are called. From what I read- in "Team Arena" they are called "Prox Mines".

I can't seem to get a answer as to what they are called in Quake III Arena? So Im calling them Landmines or Mines.

Many Articles by GAmers Pros Say

"One of the Annoying Weapons in Quake is the Mines and strangely enough it has not had a warm welcome." I AGREE!!

Also I've Read

"Quake Landmines should be viewed as a tool instead of a weapon. It's best use is to deny enemies the chance to use certain paths. Tight paths (such as hallways) should be filed with mines so that your defense can focus on large entrances. They can also be placed on flags in case the enemy is getting too close and you have no time to seal some paths with mines.

When placing mines, try to hide them. Getting the drop on enemies can surprise them enough for them to retreat, especially if the mines took off most of their health."

However- Some Players in Quake III Arena are Total Pricks! They place these Fucking Minesin Respawn Spots!

ByThe Time you Actually (OR IF!)  Get into the Game- The Misplaced Mines ahve Fragged you 20 times!

As soon as some Idiot does that I leave a message to them and I leave. Ususally Other Players Follow. Leaving the Asshole with Boring BOTS.** As far as Im concerned- BAN these Dam things or something. We are there to play against PLAYERS not Stupid Landmines placed in Entrances INSTANTLY Killing Players without ANY Chance!

So what others think? They are supposed to be used as TOOLS-NOT Weapons!




Quake Server Address I Use

Posted by MK on November 28, 2010 at 8:01 AM Comments comments (0)

This MAP isnt Very Busy and annoying like many can be.

*** Its a Version 1.16n ** *

The IP is: and also

 My Username: quakepc.webs.com

Activate the "Hook"

GOTO Tilde (~)

Type  /bind mouse2 +button5