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Answers to Where to Download

Posted by MK on May 30, 2011 at 12:14 PM Comments comments (3)

It seems that time in and timeout UNREGISTERED Chatters ask Questions about "Where to Download?" Windows XP , QUAKE Version "**" etc?

To make shit WORSE they are NOT online for days at a time AND don't use the "Contact Us" Link above. SO I am HOPING they'll read the Dam Blog on this topic !! Some of them know that there are YT (YouTube) videos on this Topic of DL certain Programs. Again- these people are TOO DAM STUPID to Double Click the Video and read it's Description to get the Fucking DL Links!!

So people PLEASE use the Chat for Chat and NOT for leaving OFFLINE MESSAGES... It doesn't do anyone any good when people do not think or use Contact Links for Contacting anyone.. It's best if you use the these blogs to get answers , ask Questions rather than create MORE dam questions by not asking at all.

Remember we are here to Help everyone & Have fun too!