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Server uses protocol 68

Posted by Uzi on August 2, 2011 at 12:17 AM

There are Times on Quake 3 Arena when you Cant Log onto a Multiplayer Game. I have found the source of 90% of Quake III Arenas Log on Trouble. There usually a Missing patch or Version related problem which is solved below.

Server Uses Protocol 43 etc- When you get a Server Protocol when Logging onto quake III Arena game , thats indirectly telling your the Version they are using. You need to see what Your Point of Release is and thats easy.

 Point release->Protocol

1.16 -> 43

1.17 -> 45

1.2x -> 48

1.30 -> 66

1.31 -> 67

1.32 -> 68      

For Example if you see Protocol 66 then you CANT play unless its Version 1.30-However I have Changed that to where it does NOT matter anymore. There is a Program called a "Version Switch" which allows you to actually play ANY Point Release or Protocol.


Get the Program to DL and Fix the PROTOCOL Issue:


Thats the Version Switch:

Heres the Page to read up on it..


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