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                               This will be Cheats as well as Secrets

                               QUAKE II - Ground Zero - CheatCodes -

by Markus Slopianka, nauru@gmx.de

New Weapons (with Ammo) & PowerUps:

(use as "give" commands like in normal Quake2)

ETF Rifle
Plasma Beam
Prox Launcher
Double Damage
Hunter Sphere
Defender Sphere
Vengeance Sphere
A-M Bomb
IR Goggles

Ammo for ETF Rifle:

Ammo for Prox Launcher:

You can also type:
- "give all"
- "give weapons"
- "give ammo"


I know that the maps names are listed in the documentation
of Ground Zero, but I found out that there are three other
maps not shown in the list in the documentation. So I listed
them all up here.

(use as "map" commands like in normal Quake2)

1-Player Maps:
RMINE1     Lower Mines
RMINE2     Mine Engineering
RLAVA1     Thaelite Mines
RLAVA2     Tectonic Stabilizer
RWARE1     Eastern Warehouse
RWARE2     Waterfront Storage
RBASE1     Logistics Complex
RBASE2     Tactical Command
RHANGAR1   Research Hangar
RHANGAR2   Maintenance Hangars
RSEWER1    Waste Processing
RSEWER2    Waste Disposal
RAMMO1     Munitions Plant
RAMMO2     Ammo Depot
RBOSS      Widow's Lair

Multiplayer Maps:
RDM1      The Low Road
RDM2      The High Road
RDM3      Boxed In
RDM4      Razor Close
RDM5      Stone Hinge
RDM6      Nexus
RDM7      Sewer Citadel
RDM8      Styx and Stones
RDM9      Scenic Overlook
RDM10     Great Divide
RDM11     Dish It Out
RDM12     Fall From Grace
RDM13     Roads To Nowhere
RDM14     Rogue's Edge

Misc. Maps:
RUNIT2      \
RUNIT3       > Weapon- & Ammo Depot for Units 2, 3 & 4
RUNIT4     _/

                                QUAKE II-Cheats AND Secrets

Type the following codes in the console:

god - God Mode (on/off)
notarget - No Target Mode (on/off)
noclip - No Clip Mode (on/off)
kill all - Kill All (including yourself)
sv_gravity - Set gravity (800 normal, 0-750 is less, 850 or higher is more)
cl_blend 0 - Blend into walls (1 to disable)
cl_footsteps 0 - Silent footsteps (1 to enable again)
cl_entities - Removes all except walls (for you only)
cl_forwardspeed # - Set running speed from 100-500 (200 normal, run 300)
cl_gun 0 - Gun view off (1 to enable again)
give all - All Item
give health - 100 Health
give weapons - All Weapons
give ammo - All Ammo
give armor - 200 Body Armor
give body armor - 1 Body Armor
give jacket armor - Jacket Armor
give blaster - Blaster
give shotgun - Shotgun
give super shotgun - Super Shotgun
give machinegun - Machinegun
give chaingun Chaingun
give grenade launcher - Grenade Launcher
give rocket launcher - Rocket Launcher
give railgun - Railgun
give bfg10k - BigFu*kingGun10k
give shells - 10 Shells
give bullets - 50 Bullets
give cells - 50 Cells
give grenades - 5 Grenades
give rockets - 5 Rockets
give slugs - 10 Slugs
give quad damage - Quad Damage
give invulnerability - Invulnerability
give silencer - Silencer
give rebreather Rebreather
give environment suit Environment Suit
give ancient head Ancient Head
give adrenaline Adrenaline
give bandolier Bandolier
give ammo pack Ammo Pack
give data cd - Data CD
give power cube - Power Cube
give pyramid key - Pyramid Key
give data spinner - Data Spinner
map mapname - Level Select (see map names list below)

Map names: Outer Base base1.bsp, Installation base2.bsp, Comm Center base3.bsp, Lost Station train.bsp, Ammo Depot bunk1.bsp, Supply Station ware1.bsp, Warehouse ware2.bsp, Main Gate jail1.bsp, Destination Center jail2.bsp, Security Complex jail3.bsp, Torture Chambers jail4.bsp, Guard House jail5.asp Grid Control security.bsp, Mine Entrance mintro.asp Upper Mines mine1.bsp, Borehole mine2.bsp, Drilling Area mine3.bsp, Lower Mines mine4.bsp, Receiving Center fact1.bsp, Sudden Death fact3.bsp, Processing Plant fact2.bsp, Power Plant power1.bsp, The Reactor power2.bsp, Cooling Facility cool1.bsp, Toxic Waste Dump waste1.bsp, Pumping Station 1 waste2.bsp, Pumping Station 2 waste3.bsp, Big Gun biggun.bsp, Outer Hangar hangar1.bsp, Comm Satelite space.bsp, Research Lab lab.bsp, Inner Hangar hangar2.bsp, Launch Command command.bsp, Outlands strike.bsp, Outer Courts city1.bsp, Lower Palace city2.bsp, Upper Palace city3.bsp, Inner Chamber boss1.bsp, Final Showdown boss2.bsp


Quake II (2) Secrets

      Unit 1 - Base Unit

      Outer base - 3 secrets
      1 - You find yourself entering the big room with some water on one side which continues into an opening. Take a look under the stairs you entered the room on. Secret no1.
      2 - After finding secret 1 continue into the water and through the opening. Go as far as you can go in the water and dive under the wall and find secret no2.
      3 - When your at the end go to the ground level of the final room, look under the ledge - there is a red giveaway button to shoot at. Do it and a secret door opens with some goodies. Secret no3.

      Installation - 2 secrets
      1 - When you come to a broken bridge (it actually blows up) enter the water and try to find a SMALL entrance next to a quite large one. In there, in the wall, there is a large crack. Shoot at it and it will blow (?) up and a weapon reveals itself.
      2 - At the end of the map after crossing the water dividing the level you will find yourself in a room with some kind of a cellar. Enter the cellar and locate super shotgun and you have found secret number 2.

      Comm Center - 2 secrets
      1 - In the beginning, exit the tunnel you start in and enter the next room. In the second room there is a large puddle, take a swim and on the bottom in one corner there is a secret passage.
      2 - Continue through the hole in the wall were you found the first secret and find the second, A SECRET LEVEL!

      Lost Station - 6 secrets [Secret Level]
      1 - Jump into the water instead of riding the cool red lift. Enter the underwater opening and find some goodies.
      2 - Shoot the red giveaway button. Enter the new opening by the cannons (avoid getting in their way). Down into the water, crouch, and find yourself secret no2.
      3 - When you get to the second station (started at first) with the red lift - jump into the water and find the red giveaway button. Shoot the red giveaway, then turn 180 degrees and kill the enemy. Go into the new opening.
      4 - Well, as you discovered the button to the red keycard you flipped, also flipped the floor upwards. But what opens under the floor? Well, run around or shoot it and quickly run beyond it and find secret no4.
      5 - In the water surrounding the tower there is a suspicious looking piece of wall. Shoot it, kill whatever comes out, enter the new hole, surface in there and find some goodies.
      6 - Ok...jump up to the cradles. Then you just make a long jump over to the other side. Secret no6.

      Unit 2 - Warehouse Unit

      Ammo Depot - 3 secrets
      1 - In the first room up in one corner of the room there is a small red button. Shoot it and a secret door in the wall will open, secret no1.
      2 - In one of the larger rooms you have to push a button so you start a crane with a cargo which crushes a door. In that room you will find a small button that opens up the floor were you came from. Go down the newly revealed stairs and find a secret.
      3 - After a while you come to a big room with a bridge attached to the roof crossing a big lava puddle. The bridge is able to dip itself into the lava with a press on the button at its beginning. When you cross it slip down beside it and find the last secret.

      Supply Station - 3 secrets
      1 - In the very beginning of the level, jump over the ledge down to the ground. In one corner a door will open when you come close to it.
      2 - One of the easier secrets in Q2. In the biggest room with cradles in one corner there is a box with a different color. Shoot at it and a door opens. Crotch and enter for a goodie and a secret.
      3 - Wait for the moving cradle to come out. Jump on it and then stand on the cradle outside the opening. When it comes out jump in the opening and find the last secret.

      Warehouse - 2 secrets
      1 - As you descended down the spiral stair to what you think is the bottom of it, try jumping to the cradles and behind them there is a little red button. Shoot it and even more stairs will appear and secret no1 is discovered.
      2 -In the second last big room of the level there is a smaller room with some windows to shoot and a button to press. If you look up at the roof in the room you will find one of those red buttons. Well a stair comes up and you found secret no2.

      Unit 3 - Jail Unit

      Main Gate - 2 secrets
      1 - After you exit the first room take a dive into the water and you will find a secret passage under the start room.
      2 -Ok here you have to climb a little. Start from the right in the picture and make your way into the hole in the wall above the big white light and find secret no2.

      Detention Center - 2 secrets
      1 - Shoot the guy and then shoot the button. The stairs you came up on will rise. Run around and crawl under them and collect goodies.
      2 - Ok here is a tricky one. When you come to the very end of the level you can see a room you cannot enter due to a lot of bars blocking the way in. Start with the button closest to the end. Enter the opening and push button number two. Then go around to the other side (farthest from the end) of it and push button number three and enter secret no2 on the longest side.

      Security Complex - 1 secret
      1 - At the room before the entrance to GUARD HOUSE the only secret is located. Take a shot at the wall, enter the new opening and find the secret.

      Torture Chambers - 3 secrets
      1 - In the beginning of the map, before you go down the long elevator to the real action, take a trip outside and make a right. Run to the far left corner and find secret no1.
      2 - This one hurts. Down in that big tank is secret number two.
      3 -At the first prison cells you will come to this tricky little secret room behind one of the cells. So it's the one to your left if you face the corner. Take a shot at the bottom brick and discover secret no3.

      Guard House - 3 secrets
      1 - In the beginning after you killed the prisoners and entered the second big room. Shoot the tanks and find a new opening. Enter and find a secret.
      2 - After trying to open the broken door try crawling under it. When you have done that do it again with the next one and find a secret.
      3 - At the beginning you will eventually end up at this large yard. Push the button to the right and the floor will lower down.

      Grid Control - No secrets

      Unit 4 - Mine Unit

      Mine Entrance - 1 secret
      1 - As you come to the bridge over the lava turn left and discover a big red piece of wall. Shoot at it and find the ROCKET LAUNCHER!

      Upper Mines - 2 secrets
      1 - In the same room you activate (stand on) the button to make the bridge come out, take a close look at the far corner. Give it a shot and secret no1 will open.
      2 - It's near the "goal switch" of this level that activates the ventilation. One of the computer banks was making sparks so I shot it. "Hmmmm how come my shot was absorbed?" So I continued to shoot at it and voila. One quad damage.

      Borehole - 3 secrets
      1 - In the middle of the map you enter a room by some stairs that descend into the room in a 90 degree angle around a post. Look under the stairs for the first secret.
      2 - In the same room as secret number 1 there is a big hole with a puddle and two openings. Jump into the puddle and dive down to the bottom for secret number two.
      3 - When you start the drill some new monsters appear. Take a look into one of the new holes and take a shot at the wall. This will open a new corridor and eventually an extra exit to the DRILLING AREA.

      Drilling Area - 2 secrets
      1 - As you enter this level from two sides this might be a little tricky to explain. But when you enter this side you have to shoot out two red lights in the first room to open a door to a hole. down the hole in the first corner shoot at the wall and find secret no1.
      2 - : Here is one of the lamest secrets. It's found on the very end of the map. Jump up on the cradles. Once up on the top you have found secret no2.

      Lower Mines - No Secrets

      Unit 5 - Factory Unit

      Receiving Center - 4 secrets
      1 - When you reach the waterfall, jump over the ledge and go through the opening and find the first secret.
      2 - Before you cross the long hanging bridge over the lava, take a look at these three door-like things. The only one that's actually a door is the middle one. Walk on up to it and it will automatically open for you and inside you will find secret no4.
      3 - At the very end before you enter the next level, turn around and discover a red giveaway button on one of the red concrete supports. Go back around the corner to the new opening and find secret no3.
      4 - Hmmm, nice waterfall. Try to make an RL-jump and land behind it. It will take you to SECRET LEVEL 2!!!!!

      Sudden Death - No secrets [secret level]

      Processing Plant - 3 secrets
      1 - When you open one of the doors you have to press two buttons. After that the door opens. Enter it and take a look in the hole on the left side. Jump down and find the first secret.
      2 - You are able to stop one of the conveyor belts at one time in the map. Take a look from were its coming and find the second secret of the map..
      3 - Ok, as I found this one last it got number 3. But do it first of all. After pressing the two buttons take a look at the roof between them. Shoot the little red light and a secret will open just beside you.

      Unit 6 - Power Unit/Big Gun

      Power Plant - 2 secrets
      1 - As you entered this big room you find some of those containers that blow when shot at stocked in one corner. Well, what are you waiting for? Shoot at them and enter the new passage for secret no1.
      2 - This is one of the harder ones. Walk forward from the start until you reach a wall. Look to the left and you see that one of the lights are flashing. Aim exactly at the white lamp and shoot at it. An opening will reveal itself at your feet.

      The Reactor - 1 secret 1 - From the largest room of the level you enter a smaller new room at ground level. At the gate you can see a suspicious part of the wall. Shoot at it and the level's only secret reveals itself.

      Cooling Factory - 3 secrets + extra
      1 - As you are riding your first down slope in the water stream, jump up on the ledge and find a ladder going down. Use it and find secret no1.
      2 - When you return to the water-ride you end up in a large room. Take one of the elevators and jump down on the ledge for secret no2.
      3 - After you turned the wheel, go to the boxes, turn around, and shoot the wall. Enter and find secret no3.

      Toxic Waste Dump - 2 secrets
      1 - My suggestion is to take this secret after Pumping station 2. And while you're at it also read through the next secret and do them both at the same time. When you come to the big room from PUMP STATION 2 you have to push a button to make a bridge over some toxic waste to the next room. Instead go put on a suit and dive in. Get your goodies and find Secret no1.
      2 - Either you can swim straight (almost) from the previous secret or you can dive in directly in the stream going under were you started from. Inside there will be a new suit so don't worry.

      Pumping Station 1 - 3 secrets
      1 - Almost at the end (Three rooms away) there is this big pipe with a large crack in it. Jump up on the cradles and give it a shot from close range. The crack will widen (actually blow up) and you are able to jump into the pipe. Swim through the long tunnel inside and find secret number 1.
      2 - Ok, from secret no1 you end up in this outdoor place. Give both the bars a shot and secret no2 will open.
      3 - As you return after a while to the room were you found secret no1 there is this last strange secret. In the opposite corner of the pipe there is a yellow light. Shoot it and the cradle to the left will blow up and last secret is found..

      Pumping Station 2 - 4 secrets
      1 - When you jump down the hole in the beginning, take a look around you. One piece of the wall really looks suspicious. Take a shot at it and find secret no1.
      2 - Ok this one hurts. Once on the map you reach a dead end (you actually can RL-jump and continue). Look to the right and discover this long corridor with toxic waste on the floor. Dash trough it and take a left and run some more to safe ground where you find secret no2. But the way back will be as painful as the way there.
      3 - One of the most painful secrets. Well, at the end you have to cross this toxic waste puddle (quite deep). Instead, dive down and discover secret no3. 4 - This one is found at the blue door. Shoot the dig piece of wall that has the symbol on it. It will open and you can enter, BUT;

      In the .BSP file;
      "message" "You have found a secret."
      "origin" "-1640 -1300 156"
      "spawnflags" "2048"
      "targetname" "t117"
      "classname" "target_secret"

      If you go to the blue door and shoot the wall to the right of it, and jump in there and then do a "viewpos", you'll see that you're standing right on top of the secret. But you don't get credit for it because there's no trigger for target t117 anywhere in the .bsp file. I don't know much about quake editing but I think that's what's going on.

      So there wont be a message for you finding this last secret. But this is where it is.

      Big Gun - No secrets

      Unit 7 - Hangar Unit

      Outer Hangar - 3 secrets
      1 - In the start, take a dive and shoot the propeller engine. Dive up and enter the hole behind the propeller. Then swim trough the tunnel and find secret no1 at the end.
      2 - Before you return to the start of the map with the elevator try RL-jump over the pipe and find secret no2.
      3 - After discovering secret one, continue through the door at the far end of the large room. In there you will yourself in a big cylinder with another door opposite to the one you entered trough. Walk in and find SECRET MAP NUMBER 3!!!

      Comm Satellite - 2 secrets [secret level]
      1 - After nearly completing almost all of the first 'level' and entering the lift to the second level, you should approach a cylinder on your left-hand side, jump down onto it's supporting struts (avoid falling into space) and jump around clockwise to pick up the adrenaline on picture 2.
      2 - Just before the end of the map do not enter the final big room. Instead take a look out in the darkness to your right. Down on a ledge is secret no1.

      Research Lab - 1 secret + Extra
      1 - When you jumped over the blood and press button 1/2 and jump back you notice that the bars are damaged on one cell. Give it a shot (by something powerful) and an opening reveals itself. This is the only secret of the level.
      Extra - As you kill all enemies on the level go back to the start. One of the windows (was clean when you came in) will have a text saying "KILL ME". Shoot the glass into pieces and enter. In there you're able to crouch and enter a small tunnel. As you exit it out in another room (picture 2) you get this strange message;

      Inner Hangar - 5 secrets
      1 - In the very beginning of the map there is a large crack on some boxes. Give the crack a shot and it will blow open. Secret no1.
      2 - When you are riding the boxes in the middle of the map over the shallow water try jumping off and take a look at the bottom of the last room. Nearest to the ledge there is none. Take a dive and after some searching you'll find secret no2.
      3 - At the end you enter at the bottom of this very (very) deep circular hole. Jump into the water and find a secret under the bridge. Don't forget to make a swan dive from the top later on :)
      4 - In the very end of the map there is this tricky little secret room opened by a shot. Secret no4.
      5 - This is the first time you enter a room looking like this. Get your RL loaded and let one rip across the room. Aim for the pipe across the room. It will explode and a quad will appear.

      Launch Command - 2 secrets
      1 - After you've done all objectives go to the start again. Hmmm...wonder what's behind the launch pad. RL-jump over and take a look, get this cool message before finding secret no1.
      2 - At the end try shooting the left glass, as it did not hold, go through the broken window and dive down to the bottom for secret no2.

      Outlands - No secrets

      Unit 8 - City Unit

      Outer Courts - 5 secrets
      1 - As you climb around in the big outyard in the beginning you see a button just above the door you exited from the start. Go press it and get a message. : Well this is a big map but if you go back to the start again you will find a new passage. Enter it and find the first secret of this excellent single player map.
      2 - Down on the ground in the large outyard at the beginning in one of the caves take a look at the wall. Then take a shot at the crack and find secret no2.
      3 - After you have taken the Data Spinner, shoot in the next corner to reveal a button. Press it and turn around. Enter, find secret no3 and press the button for the drawbridge.
      4 - After you have completed secret no3, then return to the start and climb up to the button and beyond to the door on the wall. Enter and find secret no4.
      5 - This is a bit tricky in single player. You actually have to go to the next level to shut of the security system and then return. But after the security is shut down, go back to the sewers in this level and in the water tunnel you will find secret no5.

      Lower Palace - 6 secrets
      1 - If you are coming from the sewer entrance from OUTER COURTS you will come to a room with some tanks. Shoot them and their explosion will open up a secret corridor.
      2 - After you disabled the laser you can go back as long as you can in secret 1. At the very end you will be able to enter a secret room with lots of good stuff.
      3 - When you are going up with the high elevator to one of the UPPER PALACE entrances you can see a large display with yellow and red colors. Shoot it and a secret passage will open.
      4 - Remember that pillar of water or blue light or whatever it's called. Anyways, there is a quad on top of it. In order to get it down, you have to shoot the faces on the two walls in front and behind it. The pillar will come down and you can collect the quad.
      5 - You will find it at the second entrance to UPPER PALACE. Inside a room you will find a panel. Try pushing the wall beside the panel and then the secret will open.
      6 - Go to the balcony (big low one) looking down at the cd-writer for the comm laser. If you are facing the computer, take a left and there should be stairs leading down and a quack right leading to a door. Go up the new corridor behind the door and eventually you should enter this corridor with four blasters. In there, there is a switch to turn off the lasers. Shoot it. You're all set...

      Upper Palace - 7 secrets
      1 - If you are coming from the first entrance from UPPER PALACE you eventually will come to a very high elevator. At the top of the elevator (high one) you go through the bar doors on the side. Then try shooting at one of the corners up there. The wall will open and you have found your first secret.
      2 - If you instead of going up like in secret no1, go down to the lowest part, you can shoot a hole and find secret number 2.
      3 - When you first encounter the four blasters popping up out of the wall, I recommend to dive over the edge at the upper right corner so you won't land in any of the lava.
      4 - when you first enter from the lower palace (this is the entrance that brings you to the semi-spiral staircase up to a corridor with a railing and an elevator gong down. Down below there are a couple grunts, and a yellow forcefield. To the left of the forcefield, and up on the ceiling there is a secret, if you stand under it long enough a monster comes out of the ceiling (on of those cylinder flying things) then after you kill him there is a shootable button, shoot it and a enviro suit falls out.
      5 - Nearby the two periodical flames there is this hole hidden in the darkness in a dark corner. Just walk into the dark corner and you will automatically fall down into secret no5.
      6 - At one of the starting positions when you arrive from LOWER PALACE you start the level looking at two doorways blocked by forcefields. Open the forcefield on the right and step through the doorway. Shoot the ceiling and a secret will open in front of you.
      7 - Ok to get to the easter egg, after doing secret no2 where you shoot the wall there is a puddle of green slime in the floor. In the corner there is a small stone sticking out of the wall that you need to press up against and it will open the wall that's under the slime. Now you can swim through the slime, ick, to a hidden room. The room is full of things from id software's past that they try to seal away behind the wall. Don't forget you need the red keycard (in the outer courts) to drain the fluids in the tank to expose J.Carmack's head (?). Also don't lose your head (take it with you). There is a much smoother way back. Shoot at the wall opposite to the head tank and go through secret 2.

      Unit 9 - Boss Levels

      Inner Chamber - No secrets

      Final Showdown - 1 secret + extra
      1 - Here is the final an coolest secret. After the final monster is killed try going under into the recovery corridor again. Face the dead-end corridor and shoot on the crack that wasn't there before. Go in and look at all the pictures. Then press the buttons they have.
      Extra - After a while a ladder downstairs reveals itself. Go down (Parental Advisory).

            More Quake II Secrets n Stuff for N64, Nintendo,PSX and More!

give airstrike marker | AirStrike Marker | 1
give blue key | Blue Key | 1
give red key | Red Key | 1
give security pass | Security Pass | 1
give commander's head | Commander's Head | 1
give power shield | Power Shield | 1
give armor shard | Armor Shard | 1
give combat armor | Combat Armor | 1

*The above 8 commands are not activated by the "give all" command.

Last Level Secret:
In the very last mission when you first start it, you should see a elevator in front of you. Walk on the elevator then quickly jump off before you reach the next floor. Turn around, look at where the elevator was before you stepped on it you will see a hole, jump into it. You have now found the one & only secret in the last level.

Low Gravity (multi-player):
S3TL oWGR V1TY ????

Infinite Ammo (multi-player):

Alternate Colors:

S3TC ooLC oLoR S???

Twists level - Easy:

Twists level - Medium:

Twists level - Hard:

Level Passwords:
To put in these codes go to the password screen and pick load game then press B when the list of saved games appears

02 - PGBR VK?B 65BH Y3HD
04 - 2KLR SDRY ?VV4 YQ8X
05 - VK3T 7LFC 94B7 D3R3
09 - R??P 7NY4 2WGX 99TX
10 - Q??K BBBV NBQ1 7GCV
11 - P64? ZM5B ?BM0 5YH6
12 - N664 SQ63 XB?K B7LF
13 - M682 M7QT 1215 8098
14 - L669 H8MD G8XB JNYV
15 - K681 X8CL H01K 1PF5
16 - J6?0 BT5M NRZ2 QXLL
17 - H6?0 XXFW PHV1 77P4
19 - F6Y3 WXQK CHD0 8K4D

Level Passwords (Easy Mode):
To put in these codes go to the password screen and pick load game then press B when the list of saved games appears

02 - 6JBN SHFB 07BR X3J1
04 - 2KQD 2MSD Z9VM 4XYL
05 - VK7N Z?LY ?4V5 LJ4W
06 - VK3J HSW5 9GZN LQW9
07 - TK3T RN5N Q06W JV05
08 - S?WM H1G9 B46C WBOD
09 - R8WB 8X7J VGQ0 SJWR
12 - N520 KJFW Y681 VLMD
13 - M525 TZ35 HXW0 BXZ8
14 - L56X 41DX ZKR8 VJV8
15 - K58V 01HJ V5K9 C3VK
16 - J584 W6NR D05B VDQ?
17 - H522 98MJ SM1C B82C
18 - G52W 300Z 561C W4HK
19 - F569 G2D6 HT6X SG5Y

Gold Cheat:
To get gold you must beat the game on hard. Winning gold will give you infinte ammo, all weapons and all the rest of the multiplayer codes you recieve when you win silver and bronze.

Silver Cheat:
To enable Silver Cheat, finish the game in MEDIUM difficulty. This will open 2 more bars in multiplayer mode : Game Speed and Blast Force. Plus it will unlock the multiplayer cheats you get for winning bronze.

Bronze Cheats:
Beat the game on the easy difficulty. This will give you two options for multiplayer mode: Weapons Stay and One hit kill.

Pause game and press L2, L2, R1, R2, R1, L2.

Kill Final Boss easily:
First when you enter the boss room strafe one step to the right so you see the tank commando and shoot him down with your rocket launcher when he's dead run forward to the flying enemy and run from right to left and shoot at him with your hyperblaster and when you dont have any more ammo take the minigun and do the same thing again. Then you shoot the other tank commander with your rocket launcher and when do the same thing to the flying enemy

Hidden multiplayer areas:

In the Hydrophobia level, go into that hallway thats all red. Stop in the center and you'll notice a darkened area on the wall. Shoot it and it will reveal a BFG10K. There's another secret. In the pool of water by the super-shotgun, jump in and shoot the center of the wall by the shotgun to reveal a quad damage.

In Toxic Vats level,go into the narrow hallway with a ladder on each side. Take the ladder that brings you to the platform where you can get on the moving crane thingy. Take the hallway to the part where you're standing on the glass platform with the hyperblaster on it. look down through the glass and you'll be able to see a railgun submerged in a small section of the toxic waste. Jump in and swim down and get the railgun.

Infinite ammo:
Take the chaingun, which is weapon number 5 in the list, and then press the fire button. Keep holding it down, and then change your weapon to anything else. Now you should have unlimited ammo on your chaingun AND machine gun if you did it correctly. This may take a few tries.

If you want to save a game whenever you want, just walk back at the beginning of the level, there you can save.

If you need more bullets for machinegun or vulcan (you know the big rotating one) take the vulcan. Then shoot and hold it, during that choose another weapon. Now you should have unlimited ammo for those two guns. The same you can do with the hyperblaster in multiplayer level toxic vats (you must finish the game on medium first)

Walk on the place where you can find the hyperblaster, then shoot till you have 37 bullets left. Then switch to machine gun, do the same trick as above, now you should have unlimited ammo for the best weapon in the whole game.

If you really want to beat your friends on multiplayer, first enable one hit kill. After that begin the game, run like mad to get the hyperblaster to defend yourself for a couple of minutes. Then go after the BZG when you have it, simply aim at the ground and jump (set gravity on zero, or else you are toast), try to control and then you have to shoot but you must blast of when you are in the top of your jump. If you shoot then you are able to fly for about one minute. You can navigate yourself while flying to look up and down, walk forward an backwards. If you are very good at it, you can even make a salto. Imagine yourself what happens when you make a looping 360 degrees and shoot at the same time with a hyperblaster.

Before you walk into a corridor or a small section always check the walls. There are over a hundred secret rooms in the 1st three levels.

If you walk on the 6th level (maybe 7th) then you will see a big hole under you lava in it. You can walk over it by enable a button which will make a bridge, first you must do that. Then do something unexpected: Throw yourself into the lava! You can swim in it. Be carefull! You only have 15 seconds, before you burn out. You will find an BZG weapon, the green beam cannon blaster from multiplayer! This weapon is very handy against the tanks and especially the tank commanders.


Quake Beat Shub-Niggurath

When you enter the room with Shub-Niggurath you'll see a spiked ball if you play through the level. When it goes through Shub-Niggurath, walk through the teleporter on the walkway.

Quake Hidden Pictures

The Crypt of Decay:
To find the "Dopefish," when you see the exit, turn back go onto the bridge. You should see a quad power-up on a ledge. When you get on the ledge, you will see an extremly small ledge that you can barely walk on. At the end, you can jump into "The Well of Wishes." The Dopefish will be there.

The Underearth
To find the weird picture, find all the faces on the walls and shoot each once. You will know which ones you shot because blood will come out only the first time. When you shoot all of them, look for a hallway with a short opening and a villain on each side. One of them will open to a small room with a picture in it.

Quake Cheat Codes
To use these codes, press '~' while playing to call up the console, then type the desired code.

Code             Effect
GOD              Invincibility toggled on or off.
FLY              Toggles flight
GIVE S#          Gain # shells
GIVE H#          Gain # health
GIVE N#          Gain # nails
GIVE R#          Gain # rockets
GIVE C#          Gain # cells
GIVE #           Get weapon #
KILL             Commit suicide
NOCLIP           Go through walls.
NOTARGET         Monsters won't attack you unless provoked.
MAP ExMy         Warp to episode X, mission Y
SKILL #          Sets difficulty level (# = 0-3)
IMPULSE 9        All weapons
IMPULSE 11       Display runes (you don't actually get them)
IMPULSE 13       Silver key
IMPULSE 14       Gold key
IMPULSE 255      Quad Damage!!!!
SV_GRAVITY -50   Reduces gravity by 50%. Replace "-50" with any number.

    Hint: To make these codes easier to enter you can bind them to a single key. To do so, enter the console and type bind (any key) "cheat". For example, to bind the cheat for all weapons to the backslash (), type:

        bind "impulse 9"

    After that, every time you want to get all keys, guns, and ammo, just hit the key, and you've got it.

Quake Power Up Cheat (with Armor)
This code has been tested with version 1.06.

Beat any episode of Quake and save as much ammo and armor as possible. After you return to the level select screen, save your game and quit out of the game entirely. Now re-enter the game and open that save file. Walk backwards into the teleporter and return to the first telepad (where you start the game.) Go toward the Hard difficultly and fall into the lava.

When you restart, you will respawn with all your health, ammo, armor and weapons! You will lose your rune but that's alright compared to the power you have to enter later episodes.

Quake Secret Level
To find The Underearth level you must be in The Crypt of Decay. When you see the exit, go straight back. You should be in a room with boxes and a button on the ceiling. Shoot the button, then jump on the boxes into the secret room. Push the button, then go to the hidden "Well of Wishes." Now look around the walls and a wall will open for you. When you get out, there will be a underwater doorway that leads to the secret level.

Quake Runes
If you look carefully you'll find four runes hidden in the world of Quake. Here's what they do:

Elder Magic: Provides you with 150-250 points of energy and 150 armor.

Black Magic: Your attacks do 3x normal damage.

Hell Magic: Reduces ammo usage.

Earth Magic: Protects you from most damage, but won't save you from quad attacks.

Quake Nightmare Mode
Go to the episode 4 entrance and enter the water. Now backup against the wall as if trying to go back the other way. Stay there until you fall again. You should land on a big piece of wood. Walk along the side to find another entrance that leads to the Nightmare gate.

Quake Feign Death
This is pretty strange and I can't really figure out if it is a secret or a bug but here it is. Type in¿ "Give health". You die but you are still alive. It looks like you are dead and bad guys can not see you but you can shoot. If your health goes down the slightest you are really dead but until then you aren't. To move, you put god mode on and get your rocket launcher out. Shoot the wall and it will richochet in your favored direction.

Quake Ziggurat Vertigo
In episode 1 at "The Grizzly Grotto", after you hit all quake switches after going up the elevator, doors will open to your left and right. Enter one and hit the switch. Do the same thing again on the other side. It will say "A secret cave has been opened." Go to the water. when you enter, look around. You will see a cave opened where a portal leads you to Ziggurat Vertigo.

Quake Console Commands
To enter these codes, press the Console button (~) and type these codes at the prompt. I believe the numbers are default values, but the submitter wasn't clear on this.

SV_NOSTEP, 0, You cant climb stairs
SV_IDEALSTEPSCALE, 0,8, Sets how much you pitch when you walk in stairs
SV_AIM, 0,93, ?
SV_STOPSPEED, 100, The time it takes to stop
SV_FRICTION, 4, Sets friction
SV_GRAVITY, 800, Sets gravity (Great for jumping :-) )
SV_MAXSPEED, 320, Limits player maxspeed
CL_ROLLANGLE, 2.0 Sets how much you roll when strafing (10 Feels COOL)
CL_TICRATE, 0,03, ?
CL_YAWSPEED, 140, Sets yaw speed
CL_UPSPEED, 200, Sets upbutton speed (Thats also great for jumping :-) )
CL_PITCHSPEED, 100, Viewpitch buttons speed
CL_ANGLESPEEDKEY, 1,5, Sets yaw speed
CL_FORWARDSPEED, 320, Your own speed
CL_BACKSPEED, 320, Same but backwards
CL_SIDESPEED, 320, Strifing speed
BIND, Sets game keys
QUIT, Exits the game
ENTITIES, Shows map info ?
IMPULSE(1-9), Changes weapon
IMPULSE -1, Quad Damage
POINTFILE !Hangs my computer!
SIZEDOWN, Same as - in play ( Can at some times make a weird zoom )
SIZEUP, Same as + in play ( when using parameters )
CONNECT, Connects to server
DISCONNECT, Disconnects from server
FOV, ?
GAMMA, ?, Sets gamma correction
HOSTNAME, Sets your hostname
NAME, Sets your name
LOOKSPRING, Makes your "freelook" button auto-center
BF, ?
NUMCHANNELS, Sets number of sound channels to mix
MESSAGEMODE, Starts messagemode ?
SAY, Sends message
SOUNDINFO, Shows soundinfo
SBINFO, Shows info about Sound Blasters
SLIST, Shows a list of available servers
SIMSOUND, Isolates hardware problems on soundcard
SSPEED, Sets play speed
SBITS, Sets bits 8 or 16
SMONO, Plays all sounds in MONO
PLAY, Plays sound at 100% volume
PLAYVOL, Plays sound at specified volume
SOUNDLIST, Shows all loaded sounds
SAVESND, Saves sound as RAW file Ex: savesnd american/gib.wav
NOSOUND, Set to 1 and no sounds will be loaded
DECIMATE_SFX, Set to 1 and all sounds will be played at lowest possible
sound rate
DECIMATE_SFX_SPEED, Sets the value DECIMATE_SFX will lower sound rate to
DECIMATE_SFX_WIDTH, Set to 1 and all sounds will be playes as 8 bit sounds
DMASIZE, Sets DMA buffer size (2048,4096,8192,16384,32768 and 65536)
VID_DESCRIBECURRENTMODE, Lists the description for the current video mode
VID_DESCRIBEMODE, Lists the description for the specified video mode
VID_DESCRIBEMODES, Lists descriptions for all available video modes
VID_MODE, Sets the display to the specified mode
VID_NUMMODES, Reports the total number of modes available
VID_TESTMODE, Tries a video mode for five seconds
VID_WAIT, 0: no wait 1: wait for vertical sync 2: wait for display enable
R_SPEEDS, Displays drawing speeds
R_DRAWFLAT, Draw view as flat-colored polygons or texture-mapped polygons
R_CLEARCOLOR, Change color of dead space outside a map
HOST_SPEEDS, Displays host speeds
COLOR xx, Sets your color in the game to xx
FRAGLIMIT, 20, Sets the amount of frags that will end the game
TIMELIMIT, Sets the amount of time the game will last before quitting
TEAMPLAY, 0, Sets teamplay
PAUSABLE, 0, Sets whether the game will be pausable or not
HOST_FRAMERATE, Changes the speed of the game (0 - 0.1)
CLEAR, Clears the console buffer
CROSSHAIR, 1, on-screen crosshairs (great for targetting)
EXEC, Executes a configuration file
SCR_CONSPEED, Sets the consoles scrollspeed
SCR_OFSZ, 0, Your view goes higer or lower
R_WAVE, 0, Makes everything wavy
R_EDGECOUNT, 0, Counts map things in current view
R_ALIASSTATS, 0, Shows amount of aliases on screen
R_SHOWPOLYS, 0, Shows polys - lines are drawn around "linedefs"
R_DSPEEDS 0, Shows unknown info
R_FULLBRIGHT, 0, Makes everything bright (Great for dark screens)

Quake Crypt of Decay mode
This is even harder than the hidden Nightmare skill. To reach it, follow the instructions for the Nightmare difficulty, but when you start down the hallway to the portal before you turn, there will be a wall decoration type thing. Shoot this with your shotgun, you will know if you did it because the wall will bleed and a message saying you have selected Crypt of Decay mode pops up. Then proceed down the hallway to the portal and choose your episode.


                                 The Quake III Arena Cheats

How to activate cheat mode
You will only be able to use cheats if server administrator has explicitly enabled them on the server.
To activate cheats, bring down the console (~) and type:

sv_cheats 1
devmap [mapname]

"devmap q3dm15" will load "Demon Keep" with cheats enabled. You can only use cheats when using the "/devmap" command, using the standard "/map" command will not allow cheats.

Quake 3 Arena Cheats

Get All Cinematics:
From a dos prompt in your Quake3 directory, type:
quake3.exe +seta g_spVideos "\tier1\1\tier2\2\tier3\3\tier4\4\tier5\5\tier6\6\tier7\7\tier8\8"

Get All Levels at Skill 1:
Bring down console and type: /iamacheater

Get All Levels at Skill 100:
Bring down console and type: /iamamonkey

New Skin for Sarge:
Bring down console and type: /model sarge/krusade

Quake 3 cheat codes
In order to use the following cheats in multiplayer mode, the server must have cheats enabled (ie: /devmap +map [name])

god - God mode, invulvernable.
noclip - No Clipping Mode.
cg_thirdPerson "0" - View from 3rd person, so you can see your character.
cg_thirdPersonRange - [320-500] set camera distance.
cg_thirdPersonAngle - [-360-360] rotate camera.
g_gravity - [0-800] Set gravity.
g_speed - Move faster, default is 320.
g_speed - Move faster, default is 320.
g_speed - Move faster, default is 320.
g_speed - Move faster, default is 320.
g_speed - Move faster, default is 320.
give all - Get all weapons.

You can also use the following codes with the /give command:

quad damage
battle suit
grappling hook
grenade launcher
lightning gun
personal teleporter
plasma gun
quad damage
rocket launcher

map [name] - Change map.

Here are the maps shipped with Q3A:







Quake 3 multi-player cheats
To use cheat mode in multi player mode, start a game, display the console window, and type /devmap <map name>, then press [Enter]. The level will start in cheat mode and allow all players to type in cheats.


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