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            Quake 2 Programming for Beginners

The purpose of this site is to cover the fundamental aspects of creating Quake2 modifications. There will be a bunch of tutorials covering all aspects of Quake2 programming. Well first off you are going to need the Quake 2 source files.
You can get them from: http://stuff.mit.edu/afs/sipb/contrib/idgames/download/quake2/q2source_12_11.zip

    Here is My Archive of Quake & Quake 2 Level Editors (Starting at 74 of them)

 Take a look at the associated text File prior to the Level Editor's DL link. Which is more of a informational document.


Now as far as the Coding goes...I've lost my articles and files that I put aside for this page. So I must apologize for the disorganization thats put forth. 

                           Get ConfigThis! A Great Quake 2 Parameter Editor !


Click to add text, images, aHave you ever thought that Quake2's rockets were too slow or that they did WAY too little damage? Did id software not respond to your barage of emails? You might be in the minority on these issues, but ConfigThis! allows custom settings for these parameters and more. Tweak some 80 different different parameters in Quake2, from the quad's damage and respawn time to the amount of kick when firing the machine gun. This server side only mod also affects the single player game for hours of effortless gibbing. nd other content


                                                  70 or so Quake 2 Scripts

 Learn Scripts for example on adding Airstrikes , Flamethrowers , Character , AI , Events and lots more!!


                                             Scripting basics

Here is my ever growing collection of Alias and Macros.  To use these peices of script simply cut and paste them into your autoexec.cfg in your Quake2\Baseq2 directory.  If you don't have an autoexec.cfg you will have to create this yourself.   Another aproach is to create a script for the mod you are using and call if rom within your autoexec.cfg.  For example I have named my scripts d0gmA.cfg, ctf.cfg, erase.cfg, rarena.cfg, ect.  Then in my autoexec.cfg I just make the last line read: exec d0gmA.cfg.  This way you can have the same autoexec.cfg with your settings you use everywhere and the mod specific commands only need be in your mod directory.  You will however have to keep a copy of your autoexec.cfg in all the mod directories.   After doing a lot of script changing I reccomend you delete your config.cfg and then run quake to flush out old binds.

If you have any macros or alias's that you would like to share with the world please feel free to e-mail them to me.  d0gmA

Special Note for Users of 3 Fingers q2start.bat and autoexec.cfg:
I have found that the line: set cl_maxfps "31"  will seriously inhibit the length of your macros and render most of the Rocket Jumps found here unstable and unusable.  Removing this line will lose you 1.0fps which is not a big loss.

Rocket Jumps
//Rocket Jump #1
bind SPACE +rj
alias +rj "rj1;rj2"
alias rj1 "set rjclps $cl_pitchspeed;set cl_pitchspeed 100000 ;wait;+lookdown;wait;-lookdown;set cl_pitchspeed $rjclsp"
alias rj2 "set rj_hand $hand;hand 2;+moveup;+attack;echo Rocket Jump"
alias -rj "-attack;-moveup;set hand $rj_hand;centerview"

//Rocket Jump #2
bind x +rj
alias +rj "rj1;rj2"
alias rj1 "set rj_cl_pitchspeed $cl_pitchspeed;set cl_pitchspeed 100000;wait;+lookdown;wait;-lookdown;set cl_pitchspeed $rj_cl_pitchspeed"
alias rj2 "set rj_hand $hand;hand 2;+moveup;+attack;echo Rocket Jump"
alias -rj "-attack;-moveup;set hand $rj_hand;centerview"

// Rocket Jump #3
alias rocketjump "jm1;jm2;jm3"
alias jm1 "set rj_cl_pitchspeed $cl_pitchspeed;set cl_pitchspeed 99999;wait;+lookdown;wait"
alias jm2 "set rj_hand $hand;hand 2;+moveup;+attack;echo Steveo's Rocket Jump!;wait"
alias jm3 "-attack;-moveup;set hand $rj_hand;-lookdown;centerview;set cl_pitchspeed $rj_cl_pitchspeed"

//Rocket Jump #4
bind mouse3 +rj
alias +rj "use rocket launcher;wait;wait;cl_pitchspeed 100000;+lookdown;wait;wait;+moveup;+attack;wait;wait;cl_pitchspeed 150;wait;-attack"
alias -rj "-lookdown;echo Rocket_Jump;centerview;-moveup"


alias "+flashlight" "cl_testlights 1"
alias "-flashlight" "cl_testlights 0"
bind F +flashlight


Hand Swtiching
//hand switch, hit space to toggle modes
bind "space" "mano1"
alias "mano1" "hand1; wait; bind space mano2;"
alias "mano2" "hand2; wait; bind space mano3;"
alias "mano3" "hand3; wait; bind space mano1;"
alias "hand1" "hand 0"
alias "hand2" "hand 1"
alias "hand3" "hand 2"

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