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                   Also Coming Soon LONG Abandoned WORLDCRAFT EDITOR 1.6

This has been a BITCH to find as I kept reading and reading that this is THE EDITOR to get for Quake/Quake2/Hexen/ and D-Day: Normandy and so on.. 

Worldcraft 1.6 represents a major upgrade in terms of usability and expandability.
The most obvious new feature in this version is the added support for Quake II
(and Hexen II) maps.  

Quake II and Hexen II support
Game Configurations and Build Programs tabs have been added to the Options
dialogs to allow you to build and tailor game profiles.  Standard and custom
profiles can be setup in a matter of seconds.

                           Level Master V (To be here by January 25th 2012!)

                         Berserker@QuakeII Texture Pack  (Coming Soon)

                            GtkRadiant v1.4.0 Classic Download (Coming Soon)

 This is Probably the BEST Editor GtkRadiant! This was a BITCH to find- I assure you! I kept running into many ,many dead links to get this sucker. I hope you appreciate this. This works for making Maps for more than just QUAKE II. It will work for about 12 or 15 more games. QUAKE III Arena , Quake 3 Team , and many more. Nothing beats making your own kickass Levels! Well, here I will tease you with the pop-up Photo! COMING SOON!



                    [Aftershock toolbox] The ultimate command tools for quake

Create your own new Slipgate Complexes with Aftershock Toolbox for Quake. Use the latest & greatest worldcraft & Thred editors to create your own new levels. Use the many Quake Patches, Map Editors, new Monsters, new Weapons, Weapon modifications & utility programs for Textures & Sound to create the toughest Quake Levels yet. Easily find & view other servers front end programs. Information on Cheat codes, FAQ's. How to "Guide for making your own maps.

Along with Aftershock Deathmatch 300, Aftershock Toolbox is one of the two derivatives of the original Aftershock for Quake, an unofficial add-on pack which was also published by Head Games. Whereas the original's premise is a more traditional package of linked levels consisting of three episodes, this 'toolbox' is more-or-less a collection of various Quake modifications which could also be found on related BBS archives.

While a basic front-end helps the user to copy over the various QuakeC patches on offering (grouped as Monsters, Weapons and Misc.), there are also undocumented tools under respective folders on the disk. These include early level editors such as Worldcraft and Thred, a bunch of player and monster skins, third-party tools for multiplayer and 54 unconnected maps both for multi and solo play. Even though twenty of these maps were collected from the internet, along with the new ones, they are given all-new textures, to avoid copyright issues with id Software.


                                   The Best- VIRTUS Deathmatch Maker

 Virtus' Deathmatch Maker II
software provides everything you need to create and edit 3-D
levels for Quake II(TM) without building anything from scratch!

This fast, easy 3-D level-building program features a drag-and-drop
WYSIWYG approach: You drag templates and basic 3-D shapes
from galleries and drop them into the Design Window.

Deathmatch Maker II also provides several pre-built Quake II
template levels that illustrate the program's level making,
texture mapping, and walk-through capabilities.

         *******C O M I N G    S O O N*******

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