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                                               Whats Cool Files about?

One thing I notice about some kick ass files is that they are thrown up on a site and can be fun once you realize what its about. Sometimes a simple file name with a easy description is all you need. To me I love nothing more than to sort through a directory or loosely organized cache of files and programs. Its more often than not that one will find "that file" they've been looking for a year or more in a place like here.

 * 1350 Quake2 Textures * DeathMatch Maker v2.4 Full Version * Virtus Deathmatch Maker 2 * Qped II v2.11 [The Link is on the LEFT of the File] * WinQoole v2.31+Serial * Terrain Generator v3.0.5 * Pakit v1.0 (Mac)        * 16 Quake Misc Editors * Quake Soundtrack * Quake2 Fast Rocket MOD * Dzip Zip Utility * Quake 2v3.23 Patch  * Quake 2 Server Browser * Pcx2wal Texture Converter * Quake 2 Level Editing Hints * Quake2 Level Editing Illustrated Tutorial * qED-Quake Level Editor ISO * Quake 2 Jeep MOD *

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