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                                                  Welcome to Our QUAKEPC Toolbar Downloads Page

Here is a page of server download to suit everyone's needs for QUAKE! I even added a few more things to suit your needs for other types of apps n things.Since you were brought here with questions or would like to leave a comment. You may do so below.In the meantime your downloads are ready below..


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Heres the DL

 Quake 2 v3.20

Runs on Windows 9x Thru Windows 7 

 Quake II Mission Pack Ground Zero
  [Full Game Installer]


Quake 1

 Runs on Windows 9x Thru Windows 7


2012 Quake / Quake II Server Browser

OVER 300 Quake and Quake 2 Online Servers

Quake 3 Arena



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