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                   The Start of a Huge Archives of Quake + Quake 2 Map Editors

                                                                     The Qoole Editor aka WinQoole

Qoole, short for Quake Object Oriented Level Editor, is a level editor for video games based on the Quake engine, and was developed by Lithium Software. Among the supported games are the original Quake I and Quake II, Hexen II and Half-Life. It was originally sold on a CD-ROM, but the source code was eventually released under the GPL v2.
Qoole uses a brush-based method to construct new maps, in which monsters, items and lights can be placed or any of the on-board prefabs.[5][6] It can import individual textures from WAD files, and can convert maps from one game to another. It has 2D and 3D views in which the map can be edited, and it supports Glide API and OpenGL for rendering the views.
In the past, Qoole had an IRC channel where Qoole-specific classes and tutorials were taught.

 This is video one in part of entire tutorial series. Theres also a tutorial download too. All of which is to be found in the videos description.








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                                                   TRENCHBROOM: A modern Quake level editor for Mac OS X.

TrenchBroom is a modern level editor for Mac OS X. It has a different slightly philosophy than other editors. I believe that the traditional approach, where you work primarily in 2D views, forces you to think in 2D rather than in 3D. That's why this editor doesn't have 2D views at all - you do all work in one single 3D view.

Unlike many other free apps, TrenchBroom includes comprehensive documentation. So instead of repeating everything that's already written there, I will keep this short and suggest that you download TrenchBroom and look at the documentation if you want to learn more. You will not be disappointed.


TrenchBroom_2012_03_14_1.zip  9.4 Mb


                                                        JQT Map Editor v.1.10 release

 Sadly this'll be the last JQT release for a longish while. Quiver's just too good, it fulfils all my requirements of an editor - the lack of which was my motivation in writing JQTMapEditor. I'll fix any bugs I get bug reports for - that's only common courtesy, but there'll be no extra features unless you write them yourself. All the source code is there, knock yourself out!In the meantime I've got other projects going - check out MacQFE The Macintosh way to launch Quake Mods. There are other things in the pipeline too.

 Also for MAC OS


Lots More Quake MAC Related Programs!


 **More MAC Quake Related Shit


                                                                             Quark Quake Level Editor

QuArK features an interface similar to Windows with respect to selection and manipulation of items, with flyover hints and other forms of in-program documentation, and is released under the GNU General Public License. It has the ability to edit maps (either directly or through an intermediate compiler process), and can import, export, manipulate and convert models, sounds, textures and various other game assets, or create any of these assets from scratch. It is also possible to move or change dynamic game objects without the need to recompile the whole map which makes the fine-tuning of details quicker. QuArK uses external compilers (like Q3Map2) to produce the actual level-file used by the game. These compilers can be fully configured using their command-line parameters, and once done, QuArK remembers these settings so they can be used every time.

QuArK also offers multiple editor layouts, including 2D wireframe and 3D textured views, where it is possible to see how the map or model will look in-game. This view can be rendered with a built-in software, Glide, OpenGL or DirectX renderer. Views have three modes: wireframe, solid color and textured, and supports transparency and lighting in OpenGL mode.

QuArK is a brush-based editor, including constructive solid geometry functions such as brush-subtraction, support for Bézier surfaces and a built-in leak finder.


                                                                  Q.E.D., aka Quot Esset Demonstrandum

 This suite of editing utilities includes the level editor qED, the latest version of the qME model editor (formerly QuakeME), and the qART texture/wad editor. 


Click (above) to Download Full QED .ISO

Heres where you can find the PDF tutorial. The OTHER qED after the Patches were added. Sorry I couldn't find too much information. There was a Robot.txt that prevented the archive engine for acquiring the lost information from the apps author: Matt Tagliaferri  The CD comes with a book that is goo to have. So far i can't find a pdf version..YET. Heres the book that comes with the ISO






 BSP is a powerfull freeware level editor for Quake, Quake 2, Haf-life 1, Hexen2, and other games based on these engines. Yahn Bernier is the original creator of BSP, but he gave up the project around 1998 to pursue business opportunities. Fortunately, he was kind enough to release his source code when he knew he wouldn't be working on it anymore.                                                           This continuation of BSP is based on post-BSP v0.93b source code.





  • light - A modified version of id's original light tool. Used for lighting a level after the bsp stage. This util is also known as TyrLite; see the included tyrlite.txt for detailed usage instructions.
  • vis - Standard vis util; creates the potentially visible set (PVS) for a bsp. This version had been slightly modified from id's version to reduce the compile time a little.
  • bspinfo - Simple util to print out some stats about the data contained in a bsp file.
  • bsputil - Tool for working with a bsp file. Not sure where this one is going, but for now all it can do is extract the entities lump from a bsp file into a text file. Might add a bsp -> wad extractor at some stage too.
  • qbsp - A modified version of Greg Lewis' TreeQBSP, which is in turn based on id's original qbsp tool. Used for turning a .map file into a playable .bsp file.

tyrutils-0.4-win32.zip  119.9 Kb

                                                                                 Tread Level Editor


Tread is a map editor for Quake 1/2/3 based on MFC and OpenGL that runs on Windows XP and Vista. It also runs under Linux with Wine.

This version of the editor is completely new, and is in no way similar or based on the older versions of the editor that have been around since the late 90's.

 Tread 3D 2.4f Level Editor.ZIP

                                                                   Worldcraft Editor 3.3 + Quake Adapter

The Quake Adapter for Worldcraft 3.3

That's it. You will be fully and completely setup to the MAX immediately upon installation. The END. Start making a map.

Vista and Windows 7 users: You will probably need to disable UAC (instructions here) for Worldcraft 3.3 to compile maps due to Vista's very restrictive permissions on writing files.

Further Information

A great tutorial:

Mapping Questions:

1. Func_Msgboard (http://www.celephais.net)

2. aguirRe's tool tips page (http://user.tninet.se/~xir870k/tooltips.txt)

The above 3 downloads, when installed, will have you immediately setup of with the most state-of-the-art and easiest map making tools for Quake. You can start it and beginning mapping immediately, there is NO setup required and you will equipped almost as completely as Kinn, who made the gigantic Marcher Fortress map in 2005.


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