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I don't know if I should should tell you and spoil it or simply "HINT" at what it is and let you find it. Yes, I think I will hint at it and let you find it. Somewhere on the map City3 is a mural of my back tattoos. I also threw in a bit of "Wolfenstein" symbolism in the game. Thats going to be obvious more than anything that was done. A custom Menu Art was done to rid the same old consoles we're used to seeing. SOME (Not as many as would of liked) sounds were changed. Theres was problems with Stereo vs Mono vs 4 and 8 bit .wav files. Maybe it was 8 and 16 I dunno- I'm debating if I should throw in the Toolbar or not. Some may think its spyware-but its NOT. I made it for Quake Users. Also I threw in a Quake II Server Browser to the Start Menu too! Screenshots-we all want or   


   Changes Made to Patch v3.23 (NOT Commercially Available) -SO feel Special!!

  3.23 Changes:
- Fixed buffer overflow crash induced by nVidia 191.x drivers.
- OpenGL renderer no longer prints GL_EXTENSIONS string to console on startup.
  This can still be shown with the gl_strings command.
- Enlarged s_blocklights array in the OpenGL renderer.
  This allows maps compiled with large -chop sizes to load.
- Increased sky draw distance in the OpenGL renderer to 4600, this can be changed with
  the r_skydistance cvar.
- Added stencil buffering to shadows.
- Added support for non-power-of-two textures.  This can be disabled by setting the cvar
  gl_arb_texturenonpoweroftwo to 0.
- If gl_arb_texturenonpoweroftwo is supported and enabled, cinematics play without loss
  of quality (no column-dropping).
- Added pillarboxing/letterboxing of cinematics on non-4:3 aspect ratios.
- Added support for anisotropic filtering.
- Added hardware gamma control.
- Dynamic light cutoff is now adjustable with the cvar r_lightcutoff.  It defaults to 64.
  Lower values will give smoother light, but with a performance penalty.
- Trans surfaces can now move and have animated textures.
- Fixed gl_showtris not working in multitexture mode.
- Fixed dynamic lights not showing up on moving bmodels.
- The console can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel.
- Added wildcard support to the cvarlist command.
- Added improved console command completion.
- Added cvar toggle command.
- Index overflows no longer bomb the game out; instead they cause a warning telling which
  index overflowed.
- Enlarged command buffer from 8KB to 32KB.  This allows larger .cfg files to be used.
- Now loads pak files from pak0.pak to pak99.pak.
- Added command line option to skip scanning for the game CD to speed up startup time:
  "+set noscanforcd 1"
- Fixed game CD scanning code to work with the official mission packs.
- Fixed player sliding along steep sloped surfaces that meet floors.
- Fixed looped sounds not playing for bmodels without origin brushes.
- Fixed non-dedicated server bombing out out with a WSAECONNRESET error when a client
  crashes or quits without disconnecting first.
- Fixed bomb out when pinging servers with the network cable disconnected.
- Fixed vulnerability to too many clients DoS.
- Fixed bug of not properly disconnected clients potentially being overwritten.
- Fixed hogging of CPU cycles between client frames.  The old behavior can be reverted to
  by setting cl_sleep to 0.
- Fixed rcon_password security issue.
- Various security fixes adapted from R1Q2.
- Client can now autodownload sprites.
- Now draws first-person gun model at up to 160 fov.
- Fixed crash on exiting biggun level.
- Allows player models in the baseq2/players folder still to be found when there are
  player models in the current mod's gamedir.
- No longer creates an autosave when starting a level in deathmatch.
- Increased max savegames to 20.
- Added custom resolution support.  Use r_customwidth and r_customheight to set the custom
  resolution, and set gl_mode or sw_mode to -1 to enable.
- Added new video modes, including widescreen ones.
- Automatically scales FOV for wide aspect ratios.  This can be disabled by setting
  the cvar cl_widescreen_fov to 0.
- Now disables multitexture support by default on Intel graphics.  To enable,
  set gl_intel_allow_multitexture to 1 and restart the renderer (vid_restart).
- Video menu no longer applies changes when pressing ESC, instead the
  "apply changes" action is used, replacing the "cancel changes" action.
- Added missing menu banners (start server, player setup, configure keys).
- Fixed player model being reset to male/grunt after level changes in single player.
- Fixed infinite loop hang with railgun firing through entities with overlapping bounding
  boxes (the eastertank railgun crash).
- Fixed no player models being found when there are loose files in the baseq2/players folder.
- Fixed credits menu so it scrolls past the top of the screen, and then

  starts over once the last line has passed the top.
- Added weapon model to display in player setup menu.

How to CONFIG Your Browser

Make Sure Path #1) has the correct path to your
Quake 2 Directory. This way all you have to do is
CLICK on a server to play!

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