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Track Making Guide




What Tools were used

Step 1: The track was constructed in 3D using WinQoole - available from Qoole Editor Archive. Download the CD ISO Version.  The .map file of 'Table Top Terror' by Flitsoft's finest - Paul Matthews, is included with this file. You'll begin to appreciate the pain-staking detail required to make such a perfect map - look at the wireframe!

To help build your track, why not borrow brushes from our track - the podium is an obvious one that springs to mind.



Step 2: Textures were drawn by Paul in Paint Shop Pro but you can use any other program that edits Bitmaps. All textures have to be converted to the Quake2 palette file that can be found all over the net. Q2PAL.PAL for PSP is included.

The image has to have dimensions with powers of 16 eg. 16 x 16, 32 x 64 or 160 x 128. The textures were then converted to Quake2's .wal format using 'Wally' from https://rapidshare.com/files/4219187954/wally_155b.exe

They are then placed in a .pak file, using 'PakScape' available from http://jumbofiles.com/rtl4hygb332s . You can use the existing textures Paul created by looking inside the Q-Racing 'pak0.pak' file.

They are then aligned onto the brushes in the map editor.

Step 3: As Paul will tell you in his coming guide - the level needs to be lighted to perfection to create the brilliant graphics of Q-Racing. Carefully choose the coloring and positioning of each light. Check these out:



Step 4: Add 'info_camera' entities around the level. These are used as waypoints for the Q-Racing 3rd person camera view. You can tell when you're playing, that the camera drifts around points - these are the points you have to lay down. As with all the lights, you can see how we've done it if you open up TABLE.MAP.

Step 5: Now it's time to add all the relevent track and bot entities needed for Q-Racing to process your track. See the ENTITIES IN DETAIL section and refer to TABLE.MAP.

Step 6: Now add the podium, next to the finish line - why not copy ours. Entities need to be added - read the entity guide later. The entity MYENT.ENT set is included for Qoole - you can just load it up and all the ents are there!

Step 7: Using your map editor the finished level needs to be put through the QBSP process. Your editor should provide an easy way to do this using QBSP3 then QVIS3 and then QRAD3. WinQoole certianly does.

Step 8: Add your finished map as an entry in MAPS.LST which is in your QRACING directory. It's simple - the first entry is the name of the BSP and the second is the map's Title.

Entities in detail

Step 1: You need to add the following entities to your map editor by using its relevant function. For example, in WinQoole, the ents need to be added to a config file - see your editor's help for how to do this.


info_camera Camera point - see above section
bot_start Staring point for AI jeep; needs to be placed at the correct angle, next to the player
bot_startviper bot_start for a Dodge Viper
bot_starttruck bot_start for a Monster Truck, it's also bot_startpod for podracer
bot_lap Hack entity that fixes a bug in QRacing where the bot gets stuck when crossing the finish line. Place this ahead of the finish and when the bot laps - he warps to this point.
info_player_start Starting point for single player; needs to be placed at the correct angle.
info_player_deathmatch Starting point for the multiplayers. 6 need to placed, in a GP grid formation at the correct angle.
track_norm Ents that are placed in a trail around the track for bot navigation and track-skipping checks.
track_point Ents that are placed to check the driver has driven round the track properly. There are 3 of these placed, each with 'spawnflags' of 0,1,2 respectively.
track_finish1 This is part of finish line cross checking. This one's 'spawnflags' needs to be 1 for jeep handling, 2 for viper handling and 3 for monster truck handling and 4 for Pod Racers!
track_finish2 This is part of finish line cross checking.
track_finish3 This is part of finish line cross checking.
fin_one This is first place on the podium
fin_two This is second place on the podium
fin_three This is third place on the podium
fin_four This is where players go who don't make the podium - it SHOULD be placed inside the central block (for the winner) of the podium.



MORE DETAILED USE: info_camera, bot_lap, bot_start, info_player_start, info_player_deathmatch are pretty self explanatory, especially if you check out TABLE.MAP. You can see the 6 multiplayer start points in a grid shape with the bot_start and single player start underneath the first row. The bot_lap hack ent is under the left multiplayer start on the second row. The rest need explaining though.

track_norm : This needs to be placed along the whole of the track. They need to be correctly spaced or during single-play the bot might crash the game if it can't find a spot near enough or it might get stuck if they're too close. They are also used for checking how much track has been skipped by the player and exploding them if need be. Have a look at the screen shot. The snaking ones going round the corner and over the ramp are track_norm.


track_finish1/2/3 : These need to placed as above, one on either side of the finish line and one a small space infront, central. track_finish1 is the one on the right side of the finish line and its variable 'spawnflags' HAS to be set to a value.

track_finish2 is the one on the left and track_finish3 is the one in the center, forward from the finish line. These ents are used to check for crossing of the finish line by players or the bot. I know it's a bit crap but I tried to use trace lines for the checking but couldn't get it to work.

track_point : Three of these need to be placed at stages around the track to check the player is going round the track properly and not cheating. 1/3 the way round the track place one with 'spawnflags' 0, then 2/3 around one with spawnflags 1 then one a short while before the finish line with flags 2.



Adrian Flitcroft, Flitsoft.



*****NOTE: Please understand that the original author of this MOD and the Website has long been closed for many years. I have been more than happy to dig up my files and Internet Explorer Files to make a exact mirror of their website. Below is more goodies I have put together for all my Quakers!



Q-Racing V2.01b is available to download here now!  Only 3.9 mb!  All you need is a recent version of Quake 2 (3.17 or later) and... erm... nothing else actually - that's just how easy Q-Racing is to use! You can even use it without Q2 - just install the 3.20 release patch and add your 3d card DLL to the Q2 dir and off you go! This is how good Q-Racing really looks! All the time!

Not to Worry!! I will put EVERYTHING into one small download with Source Code. Patch v3.23 , Video .DLLs etc AIO below. Even complete instructions, Track Making Guide & anything else I deemed needed or wanted :-) Enjoy!

Complete Q-Racing Game (Lots More).zip 



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