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There are some bad ass MODS out there for Quake 1-3. The community as lasted as long as it has mainly cause of the modder's great skills, above all creativity.. I have no idea how I going to post these here but just pick either some old and unique ones as possible. 

Ever got frustrated because you're playing against someone who's ten times better than you?
Well worry no more, because I've written a Quake2 Deathmatch Mod that uses handicaps in order to make the
game a little easier for beginners, and harder for veterans.

This is how it works:
All players start out with a handicap of 8.
The Highest handicap is 15 and the lowest is 0.
When a player shoots another player with the same handicap, damage inflicted works just like normal quake2.
But when a player with a low handicap shoots one with a higher handicap, he does less damage, and when a
player with a high handicap shoots one with a lower handicap, he does more damage.
Armor still work the Same as always, though I recommend that the Server Administrator turn off armour and
health, that way the game is much more balanced.

On the Server Side:
The Server saves a file called handicap.txt in which all Player Handicaps are saved for when they log in again.
There's also a file called robmotd.txt which contains the Message of the Day, this MOTD can contain any special
Quake2 Characters.
The Server also supports map cycling. This file is called robmap.txt and contains all the maps which RobMOD
will cycle through, one per line.

The server has a cvar called nobfg which disbles the BFG10K Spawning.
There's also a sv command called endlvl which will end the game, and cycle to the next map.




ROBMod Quake2 Deathmatch MOD.zip




 I have made a decision to not do 40+ weapons (Who could keep track of it all in DM anyway) Instead I am going to try a mix of suppressed weapons and non-suppressed weapons. Say 10 of each, tho that may vary. I also want to use a damage system for the weapons, where a suppressed weapon does slightly less damage (This is semi realistic, as a suppressor takes some of the energy away from the bullet) but you get no muzzle flash, and a very low noise that does not really carry. Of course you can also have the loud but more powerful weapons, which will do more damage, but also light up places with muzzle flashes, and sounds that carry through out a level. Here's what I have so far.

 tpwm03a (The Pointless Weapons Mod).zip




                 The shotgun soldiers and blaster soldiers have all turned into "berserkers". The reason is that this should allow you to see the new movement code
                  in action since berserkers only have melee attacks.  All the walking monsters, however, do use this new movement code.  But it is easier to see it in
                action with berserkers.

 You can read the old forum from the original maker of this Modhttp://www.quakeservers.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=370&sid=6da5a32bf9d319bbc86ba82323de3bb1

 velocity (quake 2  mod).zip



Anaglyph Stereo Quake

Play Quake in 3D with RED - BLUE glasses.


What is Anaglyph Quake?

Anaglyph Quake is a modified version of glQuake designed to be viewed with Anaglyph Glasses. The purpose of viewing with Anaglyph glasses is so that the image is viewed in stereo (a separate image for each eye), which is the basis for depth perception. Thus, with this version of Quake, red-cyan glasses, and a suitable computer, you can play Quake in real 3D.

Anaglyph Glasses

Anaglyph Glasses are red-blue glasses (the red lens is over the left eye ). They rely on the idea that the red light will only pass through the red lens, and blue light will only pass through the blue lens. Thus by printing the two different views in these opposing colors, the viewer will see a stereo view, and hence depth (amusing that the two images are appropriate viewpoints of the same scene ). Because red&blue are 2/3 of the colors used by monitors for display , you can get red-cyan glasses, cyan allowing both blue and green thorough.

Why Anaglyph Quake?

I originally did this just to see how feasible it was. There are already versions of quake Designed for use with stereo viewing equipment (such as shutter glasses). Although stereo viewing equipment gives better images, the better ones are expensive (and difficult to obtain, where I live); Also the lack of standards in practice also makes me reluctant to purchase such equipment just yet.

Anaglyph have appeared in first person 3d games before; However they were limited to black and purple images and suffered from unsatisfactory stereo perspectives. The Anaglyph feature of older games was largely ignored as it gave the view eye-strain and headaches. Today, with improved computer power and standardized video acceleration, most of the problems suffered by older games is easily over come. I have decided to release this version of Quake here so that other people may try it.






All Source files, excluding the qw branch. (only glQuake has been changed)

1.7 mb


Windows 9x/NT Binaries

275.75 kb


 Download The MANUAL!!


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