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                                            Welcome to the Homepage of  Quakepc Server Viewer [ Q.S.V. ]

Q.S.V. (Quakepc Server Browser) is a Quake & Quake 2 Server Browser for Online Servers. Instead of finding 2 or 3 Quake/Quake 2 servers to play all of the time. You can simply run Q.S.V. to update its list and  have you choose from over 200+ Servers where thousands of players await! An example of Servers you may find on Q.S.V. are Action Quake II , CTF , Deathmatch , Gloom , Jump , KOTS , Lithium II , LOX , Rocket Arena 2 , TDM/Duel , Vortex ,WODX , Xatrix and many more! It is user friendly even for Canadians. :)I even added the ability to update/add new servers. Eventually I will make a illustration on how to do all the functions. 



 (Where you'll find the Update File) 

Updated: April 11th 2012


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