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    Q .... The aftershock

This CD provides an extensive training choice
of modifications and addons First quake
The CD has an auto- Start what
immediately on a show Bares menu opens.
The contents of the CD consists of single-player
and deathmatch Levels, editors, Elements
for Windows such as icons, cursor and a
Screen Saver. There are also new
Player models, new Sounds, demos,
Modifications of Against Standen, graphics
and objects,   and a series of
Shareware Programs, tools and
In addition, there are many help texts in
German. Installation instructions and menu
also in German.


An unofficial level CD with over 100 new
Levels for Quake.
-           50 new single player maps
-           50 new deathmatch levels
-           Many new textures, graphics and architecture

Package description and instructions are
multilingual (English, French,
German, Italian and Spanish). Dos and
Windows are supported. Also this
Addon was in a decorative cardboard box


    QED or QED  II

These are 2 level editors
Quake and Quake II by Wizard Works.
QED was the first issue for the
Level Building Quake first A very strong
Level Editor which, in principle, the
whole game could recreate. With the
Editor to evaluate your own level, Textures,
Monsters and many other things to
Create your heart's content, are the leisure hobbyist
almost no limits. Especially at the
Editor is the relatively light construction
the program. There are still a large
Package of new sounds, textures and
Objects. QE II is the successor to the D
old QED Editors, however, the
Program and the Improved compatibility.
QED II supports Quake, Quake II and
Hexen II (which is based on the Quake II engine
based). Both editors b wrestle a variety
tutorials on using and can over the net
be extended. Software, tutorials and
Instructions in English.

    Total Conversions for Quake 2

A whole CD full of mods, maps, skins
and tools. The back cover advertises
various levels, new weapons
as Pipebomb, proximity mines,
Flame throwers, and other Chainshotgun
Weapons. There are a mass of new
Player models and skins (I think almost
to recognize the Duke).
Virtually an all-round "carefree package".
The CD is completely in English. The
Registration card is located behind the

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